Making middle-age marriage sexy, man authors erotic fiction - Milwaukee Journal

It started with one sexy fantasy that Steve Fromm wrote as a gift for his wife, and now at age 57 he's a published author of erotic fiction. There's a job most of us never anticipate seeing on our résumés. Life has taken an exciting turn for Steve and ...

Mila Kunis: Get The Sexy Bump-Hiding Dress From the MTV Movie Awards - Hollywood

Mila Kunis tried to keep her growing baby bump hidden at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 13. While accepting the award for Best Villain, the future mom showed off her precious pregnant figure on stage. Now, you can get a nearly identical ...

Cheryl Cole Shows Off Sexy Blond Hair in New L'Oréal Commercial—Watch! - E! Onli

In the TV spot, the Brit beauty whips her flowing blond hair around as she busts sexy dance moves on set. Dressed in black heels, tight black pants and a black tank top, Cole shakes her hips, throws her arms up and drops it to the ground, all while ...

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Slim Figure In Sexy Yellow Dress: 'She Looks ... -

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Slim Figure In Sexy Yellow Dress: 'She Looks Phenomenal'. 04/14/2014 at 04:10 PM ET. Facebook · Tweet · Permalink · 57 Comments. Jessica Simpson weight loss CL/Splash News Online. Jessica Simpson better get used to ...

Women Win At Sexy Voices - Refinery29

Susan Hughes, the Albright College psychology professor who lead the study, goes so far as to say that a sexy voice in a woman can "predict attractive body and face characteristics." Unfortunately, when men tried a similar technique, it only repelled ...

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